Motivation & fun
for your daily activities
Motivation & fun
for your daily activities

Discover the world with Great Virtual Challenges.

Exclusive medals

Discover new places

Where are you (virtually) traveling to? How does it look there and what are the highlights of the area? The stage view and route map guide you virtually through the challenge.
You can also watch the progress of friends and competitors here. Stay always up to date.

Solo or together

Do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer playing with a team? Everything is possible. You can do the challenge on your own. But you can also participate as a team with family, friends or coworkers. Up to 10 team members are possible. Each team member has to sign in for the challenge and will receive an own medal after finishing.

Your sport, your decision

Whether you run, hike, bike or swim. Choose your favorite sport to continue in your challenge. Or choose a mix of sports to progress faster. Even Indoor sports and daily steps can be counted.

What customers say

Günter S.

I've done the Nordsee-Challenge and already got the beaufitul medal. Great event. 👍

Sven G.

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and running friends. Great idea and great implementation. Thank you!

Rosi B.

Very nice course. Cool medal and great support. Thanks!

Anke J.

I'm at the third stage at the moment. It's so much fun.🙋💞

Tanja T.

My motivation was down to zero. I'm very happy finding this...

Irmgard S.

💙💚 Thank you so much 💛💜 for the cool, beautiful, big medal. We had a lot of fun as a team.

Sascha H.

Got my medal today. Thank you very much for the idea and incentive. Everything is great from A to Z. Now I'm motivated to do another challenge.