Camino Francés

Make a pilgrimage on the Camino Francés. Virtual and whenever you like.
You can hike, walk and even do yoga or count the steps in everyday life to progress your challenge.
It’s up to you what kind of sport will bring you to Santiago and how fast you will proceed.
Set your own goals and get the great and beautiful Camino Francés medal.

Pilgrimage on the Camino

The “Camino Francés”, the most popular Way of St. James, leads you from France to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest of Spain.
Pick the “Race” mode and you will reach your goal after 780 kilometers. Choosing “Tour” mode the duration of your activities counts and you will reach Santiago de Compostela after 78 hours. You can also meet the challenge as a team with friends or colleagues.

Discover new places

Where are you (virtually) traveling to? How does it look there and what are the highlights of the area? The stage view and route map guide you virtually through the challenge.
You can also watch the progress of friends and competitors here. Stay always up to date.

Discover the route

Like on a real pilgrimage, we try to connect to ourselves a little and give our existence a few new impulses during this challenge. Of course we’ll spoil you with interesting highlights from culture, nature and history. The further you get, the more you will discover. As a reward for your activities you will get the best travel tips.

Get the medal

As a reward for your achievement you’ll get the exclusive and beautiful medal.

Solo or together

Do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer playing with a team? Everything is possible. You can do the challenge on your own. But you can also participate as a team with family, friends or coworkers. Up to 10 team members are possible. Each team member has to sign in for the challenge and will receive an own medal after finishing.

Your sport, your decision

Whether you run, hike, bike or swim. Choose your favorite sport to continue in your challenge. Or choose a mix of sports to progress faster. Even Indoor sports and daily steps can be counted.


You can track your activities using your sports watch, fitness tracker or smartphone and automatically sync them via Strava, Polar Flow or Garmin Connect.

… or manually

You can also enter your activities manually. Decide for yourself whether you provide proof (photo or screenshot) of your activity. Proof is only required if you want to receive placement.


Prices in EUR incl. all taxes, FREE shipping

Camino Francés Basic

  • The most beautiful pilgrimage on St. James Way
  • 780 kilometers or 78 hours
  • More than 20 highlights to discover


Camino Francés incl. medal

  • Same as Camino Francés Basic
  • For all finisher:
    The stunning Camino Francés medal


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How long will the tour take?

With this calculator you can estimate how long you will need for the tour alone or with friends.

  • 1
    Select your prefered mode

Your active time counts: one hour = 10 virtual kilometers (approx. 6.2 miles). Thus you can finish long tours even as recreational sportsman.

  • 2
    Solo or team?
  • 3
    Hours (per participant)

You'll start in race mode. To finish the tour you have to cover the whole 780 kilometer.

  • 3
    Solo or team?
  • 3
    Kilometer (per participant)

What customers say

Günter S.

I've done the Nordsee-Challenge and already got the beaufitul medal. Great event. 👍

Sven G.

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and running friends. Great idea and great implementation. Thank you!

Rosi B.

Very nice course. Cool medal and great support. Thanks!

Anke J.

I'm at the third stage at the moment. It's so much fun.🙋💞

Tanja T.

My motivation was down to zero. I'm very happy finding this...

Irmgard S.

💙💚 Thank you so much 💛💜 for the cool, beautiful, big medal. We had a lot of fun as a team.

Sascha H.

Got my medal today. Thank you very much for the idea and incentive. Everything is great from A to Z. Now I'm motivated to do another challenge.



You can start the tour whenever you want to.

The tour has to be finished 12 month after you've started. But latest 15 month after signing up for the tour.

Especially on long tours many kilometers will be made. To make the tours also feasible for not so sporty poeple, we developed two levels:

Race: Only real kilometers will be counted in this mode. You have finished after 780 kilometers.

In mode „Tour“ you have to collect hours (instead of kilometers). Depending on how fast you are, you weather

  • collect 10 points for 60 minutes of activity,
  • or 10 points per kilometers when you where faster than 10 km/h.
For example you can collect 5 points for 30 minutes of swimming or riding your bicycle for 5 kilometers. You can change the mode anytime during your challenge.

It does not matter where you live. We'll be happy to welcome you.

Yes. There is a leadboard (during the challenge) and also a list of all finisher.

Yes that's possible. The leadboards of all tours are independent from each other. An activity can be counted on several challenges. So you can meet several challenges at the same time.

Single or team

You can meet the challenge all by yourself or in a team with to 10 other people.

The kilometers off both team members will be added.

The active time respectively the distance of each team member will be added to a team result. What proportion the individual team members have is visible to the team, however, it does not matter to the team result.

Yes. Every participant has to sign up by himelf with his own email-address.

You can create a team after you have logged in to your account.

Your activities

You can track your activities using your sports watch, fitness tracker or smartphone and automatically syncing them via Strava, Polar Flow or Garmin

You can also enter your activities manually.

Yes. Most of the common sport watches and fitness tracker can be used. It only needs to be connected to Strava. If you use Garmin or Polar you can also setup a direct connection to GVC. Strava supoorts devices like Fitbit, Sigma, Apple Watch, Suunto, Samsung, Wahoo. You'll find a list of compatible products on Strava: (You need to have a Strava account to be able to open the link.)

If you use Garmin or Polar a Strava Account is not needed. In other cases: We recommend a (free) Strava account. Only via Strava your results can be transferred automatically from your sport watch, fitness tracker or smartphone. But you can also enter your results manually if you don't want a Strava account.

Yes. You can enter your results (time or distance) manually. All you need is a computer or tablet.

Please note: If you want to receive placement, proof (screenshot or photo) of any activity is required. Distance and time must be visible in it. Incorrect, manipulated or double indications lead to disqualification!

Yes! Incorrect, manipulated or double indications lead to disqualification!

You can end the tour, but in the leadboard you will be marked with DSQ. Furthermore you will not get a certificate.

Actually, such a regulation should not be necessary. However, experience with virtual events has shown that there are a few participants who do not think much of sporting fairness. We want to prevent that with this regulation.

Your sports

In mode „Race“ you can run, cycle, hike or walk.

In mode „Tour“ there are hardly any restrictions. Almost all sports are possible. Espacially run, racing bike, MTB, cycling (also e-bike), waling, hiking, swimming, treatmill, SUP, …. whatever you want. It is only important that your locomotor system plays an essential role in your activity.

Ja, jedoch nur im Modus „Tour“. In diesem Modus kannst du deine zurückgelegten Schritte eintragen. Diese werden dann automatisch in Punkte umgerechnet.

Yes and no!

In mode „Tour“ you can combinate and enter all your actvities.

In mode „Race“ it depends on your personal challenge settings. If you choose a specific sport, only corresponding activities will be counted. You can choose between: 'Running', 'Cycling', '(Nordic-)Walking', 'Hike' or 'Swim'. Or you choose 'Any sport'. Thus all types of sport mentioned before will be counted.