Motivation & fun
for your employees

Great Virtual Challenges combine sport activities with a virtual journey.
It’s an ideal tool to motivate pupils and students to exercise more in a playful way.


Great expiditions in everyday life: Discover the most beautiful places in the world with your own sporting activity.


Virtual & real! Whether by bike to school / university, a walk or an extra running unit: every activity counts.


Teams can tackle it ambitiously or incorporate all activities. From a “Not feasible” becomes a “Together we can do it!”

  • Challenges can be provided for (one-time) team building events or permanently for workplace health management.
  • With distances of 60 to 2,000 kilometers and a variety of challenge topics, individual “travel preferences” and fitness levels can be covered equally.
  • Low requirements in terms of personal fitness and the available IT or sports equipment. This makes it easy for all employees to get started.

Further information

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