Motivation and fun as a giveaway

  • The vouchers can be used for every challenge / tour.
  • The vouchers are indefinitely valid. Lost vouchers can be resend by the GVC support.
  • The vouchers are available for the challenge package “Trophy” (including medal).
    Price: 29,90 €. They can be redeemed at the regular GVC registration.
  • You will receive a pdf voucher by email right after completing your order. You can forward the pdf directly or print it and hand it over personally.

What customers say

Günter S.

I've done the Nordsee-Challenge and already got the beaufitul medal. Great event. 👍

Sven G.

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and running friends. Great idea and great implementation. Thank you!

Rosi B.

Very nice course. Cool medal and great support. Thanks!

Anke J.

I'm at the third stage at the moment. It's so much fun.🙋💞

Tanja T.

My motivation was down to zero. I'm very happy finding this...

Irmgard S.

💙💚 Thank you so much 💛💜 for the cool, beautiful, big medal. We had a lot of fun as a team.

Sascha H.

Got my medal today. Thank you very much for the idea and incentive. Everything is great from A to Z. Now I'm motivated to do another challenge.